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The Fairfield Business Alliance (FBA) is an initiative of the Western Communities Redevelopment Alliance (WCRA). The Fairfield Business Alliance is a catalyst or common vehicle through which business owners, professionals, educators, and volunteers work together for the common good of the ecosystem.

Business Development


Created a comprehensive small business plan based on economic assets: the plan focused on businesses poised for growth and businesses associated with the city’s economic development plan and strong clusters.


Expanded contracting opportunities for small businesses: built connections and capacity of small businesses to compete for procurement contracts with government agencies, large corporations and anchor institutions.




Designed workforce programs for small businesses: to help them efficiently recruit employees from trained employees.

Career Launch Alabama’s (CLA) focus is to connect trained high school students to the Alabama business community. Our workforce development process allows students to gain skills, certifications, and customized training. 




The purpose of Leadership Development is to ensure that leaders in the community are educated about current issues and challenges in our region.  Through a series of monthly programs, these leaders come to know and understand more about the community and one another as they explore issues and exchange ideas. The goal is that they are better equipped with information and networks to be more effective as leaders.

Success Stories & Testimonials